Moving a library, one book at a time

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First aired on CBC News (15/8/12)

When the Wildwood Public Library had to move to a new location, the staff chose an unusual method to transport the hundreds of books in the collection: they formed a human chain.

On August 15, nearly 200 volunteers of all ages showed up to help. They formed a line, snaking from inside the library, out to the street and down the three blocks to the library's new location. By passing one book at a time, the whole process took just over two hours.

It's the first time a library in Alberta has used this method of moving. The library had to move because it had too many books and not enough space for community events like book clubs, author readings and children's sing-alongs. The community members of Wildwood love their library, so the larger venue will only help them enjoy it more.

While the moving process was unusual, it has its benefits: it was environmentally friendly, energy efficient, it promoted the library and its new location and it brought the community of Wildwood together.

As Rebecca Lindsay, one of the volunteers who came out that day, said: "it's good for the community, it's good for the people, it's good for unity."