Rhonda's literary meal

Recently, a series of photos by Dinah Fried of meals with a literary theme inspired us to ask our audience to come up with an image and a story that encapsulates what a book means to them.

Rhonda Silverton of Thornhill, Ont., answered our call and submitted this lovely entry based on the book Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant: Confessions of Cooking for One and Dining Alone by Jenni Ferrari-Adler.


"One evening, shortly after discovering my new husband was inflicted with non-curable prostate cancer, I was doing my best to enjoy quality time with him. I planned on making a beautiful dinner for us to share together. As it turned out, he decided to go over to his friend's home and I, feeling quite sorry for myself, decided to make a special dinner for myself. As I bawled my eyes out while drinking my wine, I remembered this book that I had read a few years back which was quite uplifting back in the days when I was alone after the divorce of my first husband. In this book writers and foodies tell of their experiences of cooking for themselves and dining alone and what certain dishes mean to them. One writer spoke of finding solace in spaghetti... I suppose that evening, I also found some sort of solace in my spaghetti. Lost in my thoughts of my solitary dining experience, I was compelled to snap a picture of my beautiful dinner elegantly placed on my large kitchen table with a place setting for one. My motivation? Mostly to capture the memory of that book and how it inspired me and gave me a sense of peace.....or...ummm....should I confess... could it have also been to capture a picture of my delicious dinner before I ate it so I could later show my husband the beautiful dining experience he had missed."   

Thanks so much for sharing this, Rhonda! You have won a selection of books. Stay tuned for more contests on CBC Books.