Author answers student's online plea for book summary

question-answer.jpgImagine, if you can, being back in high school and getting in touch with Mark Twain through social media to talk about the Huckleberry Finn report you've been working on (or procrastinating about).

Well, as more and more contemporary authors use social media to promote their books and interact with fans, we're seeing some funny online incidents. Especially when students who should have finished their reading assignment go scouring the web for the CliffsNotes.

dc-pierson-125.jpgRecently, a Yahoo Answers user with the name "♥ Idiot America ~ ϟƘƦІןן∑x ♥" requested a summary and explanation of the book The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep and Never Had To by author and humorist D.C. Pierson (pictured at left). The student claimed not to be slacking on their summer reading list, but hadn't been able to finish the book because the local library was "getting work done, and it was on hold already," and added, "Someone please answer this, I have to get this done."

About a day later, Pierson himself posted a tongue-in-cheek reply.

"First off, I'm really excited that my book is being suggested for summer reading. On the other hand, I'm bummed out that you don't want to try and finish it, and not even because you think it's bad, but just because it seems like work instead of like fun."

Pierson encouraged the student to give the book a try, saying there was far more sex, profanity and drug use in his novel than in the other books typically assigned to students. The author even offered an interesting angle to work into an essay about the book.

"A lot of people have asked me if it was supposed to be real or not, and my feeling is, it was. You won't know what I'm talking about unless you read 'til the end, though. And you might disagree with me on this 'it was all real' thing once you get there. Just because I wrote it doesn't make my opinion more valid than yours. Wouldn't it be cool to tell your teacher, 'The author says he thinks (it) was real but he's an idiot and I disagree with him and here's why!'"