'Twitter mom' Kelly Oxford on her move to Hollywood

First aired on Daybreak Alberta (30/6/12)

Social media made Kelly Oxford a star. Now she's busy trying to make a name for herself as a Hollywood screenwriter. This past holiday weekend, the Twitter celebrity and her family moved from Calgary to Los Angeles after Warner Bros bought her first film script. She's also got a book in the works, slated for publication next spring. Not long ago, she talked to Daybreak Alberta about the TV business and the family's move.

kelly-oxford-140.jpgOxford had previously pitched "a show that Charlize Theron was going to produce but ABC didn't pick it," she said. She now has a deal with NBC to write the pilot of a family sitcom for next season. But it's "one of 93 projects they are developing."

She explained that the networks' strategy is to "buy tons and tons of ideas so that the other networks don't get them." Even once a writer gets the green light to do a pilot, the odds aren't great that it will actually make it to prime time. "They'll pick 12 highlights from the 93, and then put three on the air."

When she spoke to Daybreak Alberta's Chris dela Torre prior to the impending move, Oxford was looking forward to L.A. "I can handle the atmosphere down there, I like the pace," she said. She acknowledged that the kids were "upset at first." But she went on to say that now they're excited." I have friends who work on all their favourite shows in one capacity or another, whether they're actors or writers, and they've been invited to all f these shows, so they're totally freaking out."

Oxford isn't anticipating that the division of parental responsibilities between her and husband will change much, since they're evenly split now. "He's a hands-on dad," she commented.

When asked about her label as the "Twitter mom," Oxford said, "I'm not hoping to shake it, but I think over time it will disappear, as long as I'm still working." She went on to credit Twitter for bringing her recognition. "And I am a mom, that's not embarrassing," she added.

Though Oxford is looking forward to life in L.A., she said she'll miss Calgary. "I will miss the cold. I'll miss standing in minus 40 getting three kids into the back of a car in a Safeway parking lot," she quipped. But she went on to say, "I'll miss this city. I'll miss the people. People here are so calm and casual about everything. I really like Alberta. I grew up in Edmonton, I've been here for 10 years, and there's definitely just a really nice, relaxed vibe."

Oxford joked that it could take many years before anything she writes makes it to air, and that people will wonder where she's gone to. "I haven't seen that Twitter mom in ages. She's a Twitter grandma now."