The Sunday Edition beach reads: Nature


First aired on The Sunday Edition (29/07/12)

This week's Sunday Edition beach read brings us back in touch with nature. Harry Thurston is a poet, naturalist, writer and lifelong resident of Nova Scotia. He's never lived far from the sea. In his book The Atlantic Coast: A Natural History, he examines the origins of this geographically and geologically diverse region. Thurston draws upon the most up-to-date ecological science in covering every aspect of the area, from the mighty northern boreal forest and the iceberg-dotted Labrador Current to its many flora and fauna.

atlantic-coast-cover.jpgBut the book also comes from an emotional place, mainly Thurston's love for the lands and landscapes of the East Coast. It starts with him discussing how he fell in love with Cape Forchu, Nova Scotia, as a child.

"It's a long finger of land projecting into the Gulf of Maine," he told guest host Alison Smith. "I used to go there as a child with my family. On a Sunday, we'd drive out to the lighthouse and spend some time with the lighthouse keeper, who was a family friend."

Thruston even got married there.

"It's just such a beautiful place and always held an attraction for me since childhood. Appropriately, [on my wedding], it was very foggy," he said with a laugh.

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