Ideas: Northrop Frye turns 100

frye-110.jpgCanadian writer, teacher and literary critic Northrop Frye would have turned 100 this weekend. He died more than 20 years ago but is still a highly regarded thinker, and his classic book Anatomy of Criticism, published in 1957, remains one of the most influential works of literary criticism.

To mark Frye's birthday, CBC's Ideas presents a special look at his life. This documentary, which covers everything from his in-depth study of William Blake to his exploration of the relationship between the Bible and literature, features Frye's own comments as well as remarks from his friends, colleagues and critics. The renowned scholar died one year after his interview with Ideas, at the age of 79.

listen-button.jpg"If I look over the 77 years that I have lived in this ghastly century, I don't see anything politically or economically that has not been part of a dissolving phantasmagoria," Frye said. "I see only one thing that has improved in that time and that's science. I see only one thing that has remained stable in that time and that's the arts."