What's Hey Rosetta!'s Tim Baker reading?



The Next Chapter regularly asks Canadian musicians what books are on their bedside. On the January 23 episode,Tim Baker from Hey Rosetta! was on the show to discuss a book that was recently beside his bed.

Hey Rosetta! is a rock band from St. John's Newfoundland known for their original take on garage band rock. Their 2008 album, Into Your Lungs won Album of the Year at the inaugural Verge Music Awards and was shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize.

Here's what Tim had to say about his favourite recent read, Salvage King, Ya! by Mark Anthony Jarman:


"It's about an aging AHL hockey player named Drinkwater who's battered and bruised and isn't going to make it to the NHL. It's kind of about hockey, but even more, it's about his love affair with this waitress. It's all very drunk and drugged and vividly beautiful. 

"It reminds me of a Newfoundland writer, Michael Winter, and Leonard Cohen and [it's] Hunter S. Thompson-ish. It's so imaginative. It borders on hallucinatory. It's dark and poetic. He really infuses the locker room and the bench and the ice and the bus with this off-kilter, cynical poetry. It's just cool."

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