Story-time for dogs


First aired on The Afternoon Edition (11/06/12)

Back in May, we heard about a literacy program in Sudbury, Ont., that got children to read to volunteer dogs to help develop the kids' reading skills.

Now, the Regina Humane Society has introduced a new program that encourages people to read to dogs to help the dogs prepare for life in a family home.

"It's a really great way to have dogs spend some down-time with people. It makes them much calmer in their kennels," volunteer coordinator Theresa Sabourin said. "Usually when dogs are getting attention from people, it's because they're going out for a walk, which is wonderful and we certainly rely on volunteers to do that as well, but these dogs, when they go home, when they are adopted, are also going to have to be able to sort of function in a family where people are going to want to sit down and read a book or watch TV in the evening."

In the audio clip above, Afternoon Edition host Craig Lederhouse spends some time reading The Art of Racing in the Rain to a German Shepherd cross named Dandy. Check it out!

Do you enjoy reading to animals?