Canada Day giveaway: What books make you proud to be Canadian?

Canada has a rich literary tradition and is home to some of the finest, most innovative authors in the world. So to mark our nation's birthday, we're asking you to name some books that make you proud to be Canadian. Maybe it's a book that beautifully describes what life is like in your part of the country. Or perhaps it's a story about the Canadian spirit at its best. Let us know your picks in the comments section below by Monday, July 2 at midnight ET, for a chance to win a great Canada Day-themed prize pack. The complete rules and regulations are here

cartoon-canada-120.jpgThe prize pack features the new book Caricature - Cartoon Canada, edited by editorial cartoonist Terry Mosher (a.k.a. Aislin). It's a brilliant collection of some of the best satirical political cartoons in Canada published in both languages. Check out some of the witty work further down below.

We're also adding in several other terrific books including the beautifully illustrated Gordon Lightfoot Canadian Railroad Trilogy with art by Ian Wallace and the 10th anniversary edition of Hana's Suitcase, which features a CD of the original CBC Radio documentary.

So please tell us: what books make you proud to be Canadian?