Winners of our National Poetry Month contests


In celebration of April as National Poetry Month, CBC Books held two contests. One was linked to our monthly CanLit quiz, which this time around had a poetry theme (of course!), and all you had to do was take part. The other was a special Spring Collections contest, asking you to name your favourite book of poetry. In both contests, all entries were included in a random draw to decide the winners. Now it's time to give away the goods!

The winner of April's CanLit quiz contest is Jordana Johnstone, and her prize is a complete set of the seven finalists for the 2012 Griffin Poetry Prize. Happy reading, Jordana!

Blueflute is the lucky winner of our grand prize in the Spring Collections contest, a Sony Reader Digital Book and a prize pack of three poetry books. Here are Blueflute's comments:

"If you are looking for a fresh brilliant poet and a phenomenal book then you need to pick up Crabwise to the Hounds (Jeramy Dodds). The words are deep, beautiful, and rich while being filled with inventive metaphors.

By far my favourite poem has to be "The Easiest Way to Empty a Seashell Is to Place It on an Anthill." It's a must read that should be put on your bucket list."

Two prize packs of three poetry books apiece were also up for grabs in the Spring Collections contest. One goes to Dahlia Paradise, who had this to say:

"Don McKay is one of Canada's most celebrated poets. To his credit, he has written twelve books and garnered two Governor General's Award. In 2006, he wrote my all time favorite Strike/Slip, which later won the Griffin Poetry Prize, in which he cleverly explored the and yin and yang of our landscapes."

The other prize pack goes to humera_sadiq, who offered this comment:

"My personal favourite book of poetry of all time is Impulse by Ellen Hopkins. Impulse tells the story of three different characters that go through hard times in life to figure out what really defines them. The book switches characters over time, so that what the character feels you feel as well. The author writes it in modern day poetry which helps readers relate back to their own life experiences. The author trys to let the reader see what that character is going through. The book is very dramatic and the reader is unaware of what will happen next untill they read the next chapter. The ending leaves young and old wanting more.... My favorite part of the book would be definitely the end because it's soo shocking what one of the characters does because they think that death is better then living. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a shot at loving poetry. I would rate this book a 4.5 out of 5 because it's very entertaining and addictive."

Thanks to everyone who entered! And stay tuned for more contests, and more chances to win from CBC Books!