What makes your book club the best? Let us know for a chance to win


UPDATE: This contest is now closed!

Congratulations to Doris, who had the following to say about her book club:


"I love my book club because we are open to reading a great variety of books. Every fall we pick the reading list for the year. We don't set categories for books but our varied group usually picks a range of fiction books, a non-fiction, occasionally a mystery or children's book. This year we read our first graphic novel. Everyone gives the book of the month a chance. We talk openly about the books and if we liked it or not and feelings are not hurt. We have open, frank discussions about topics in the books like immigration, female mutilation (sweetness in the belly) and depression. These talks are stimulation and enlightening. That is what I like best. Second best is the food/snacks.....and the good company."

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