Terry O'Reilly's annual reading list

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First aired on Under the Influence (26/5/12)

Terry O'Reilly loves books. He is always reading, and will have up to five titles on the go at any given time. But he doesn't just read books about marketing. In fact, he finds a lot of great ideas relevant to marketing from books about something else entirely.

Each year, Terry dedicates a full episode of Under the Influence to his favourite reads of the year. To discover the books, read on! To find out more about why Terry thinks you should read them too, listen to the full episode in the audio player above.


Mad Women by Jane Maas

Terry says: "Her book is filled with stories right out of the Mad Men era, and if you're a fan of that series, her early copywriting days eerily parallel those of Peggy Olson."


Damn Good Advice by George Lois

Terry says: " It's a terrific, quick-read book that sums up Lois's no-holds barred philosophy of what it takes to be a creative success in this world."


Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Terry says: "This book is all about why a company's 'Cause' is the most important thing. In other words, 'Why' a company does what it does is the most important thing it can communicate. Not 'How' it does those things, or 'What' it does. How and what are only tangible proof of the 'Why.' Sinek maintains that almost every company can tell you what they do and how they do it, but most can't tell you 'Why.'


Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson

Terry says: "He explores the history of innovation. One of his theories is that the more disorganized your brain is, the smarter you are. Because that chaos leads to random connections. And random connections lead to innovation."

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