The CanLit Hunger Games


To mark the launch of the film, CBC Books is excited to present a CanLit version of the Hunger Games! That's right. We've identified 24 iconic and memorable characters created by Canadian authors and placed them in a hypothetical fight for survival -- and we want you to choose who you think would emerge victorious!

Would Anne of Green Gables be able to survive a battle in the wilderness against some of Canadian literature's most crafty and cunning characters? (Illustration by Shawna Daigle)

As you'll see, there are 12 male and 12 female tributes, widely varying in age, abilities and experiences. Some of the characters here have lethal skills, like shooting, bomb-making or martial arts. Others may lack physical strength but have demonstrated cunning, resourcefulness and a powerful will to live. Would one person dominate the field? Could alliances emerge? Which character would win the hearts of the audience, and possibly receive advantages?

Vote for your tribute each day in the poll below until noon ET Sunday, March 25. Following Day One, the characters with the fewest votes will be eliminated each day until a sole survivor remains. We will announce the eliminations daily on Twitter (follow #CanLitHungerGames) and will round up the daily eliminations on CBC Books.

The sole survivor will be revealed on Monday, March 26!

Congratulations to Armand Gamache for winning the CanLit Hunger Games! Read his statement here.