Quebec's master of horror Patrick Senécal

First aired C'est La Vie (08/11/11)

Author Patrick Senécal, who is often referred to as Quebec's answer to Stephen King, will have his first book published in English this April.

Quattro Books will be releasing Against God, which is translated from his 2010 French novel Contre Dieu. The dark and violent story is about a middle-aged man's descent into cruelty following the sudden deaths of his wife and two children.

senecal-175.jpgSenécal's talent for writing horror stories has made him a famed writer in his home province, though he's virtually unknown in English-speaking Canada. He's penned several books which have sold more than 500,000 copies and seen three of his novels adapted into movies.

But where does his talent — his ability to conjure up chilling stories on the page — come from? At first glance, he appears to be like any other affable man in his mid-40s with a long-term partner and children.

"I don't know what's going on in my head, but my girlfriend is a psychologist — that's a good choice for me — and she told me years ago, 'I don't know why you write things like that, I don't know why you think about that, but the thing for sure is you have to write, and don't stop, because it has to get out from your head,'" Senécal told CBC's C'est La Vie in an interview last October.

"And I think in real life ... I'm a cool guy, I like to laugh, I like life, I'm not dark, you know, I'm not gothic or something like that. It's because I let all my darkness out and I put this in my books. It's a way to dance with the beast."

senecal-125.jpgAgainst God

By Patrick Senécal

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From the publisher:

"Translated from the French, (Contre Dieu), Against God is the gripping, dark tale of a man searching for answers. What happens in the mind of a man when, all of a sudden, he loses all reason for living? When everything in his life collapses around him and he is left with nothing, wondering why fate has been so scornfully unremitting. What stops one from becoming monstrous when morality is no longer an issue? Those are the questions facing the central character of Against God..."

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