Andrew Westoll wins Charles Taylor Prize

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chimps-westoll-150.jpgJournalist Andrew Westoll has won the 2012 Charles Taylor Prize for his book The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary, which chronicles his journey volunteering at a refuge for traumatized chimpanzees in Quebec.

At a luncheon event hosted by CBC's Mary Ito in Toronto on Monday, Westoll dedicated the $25,000 prize to his wife and to the workers and primate patients at Fauna Sanctuary.

"[They] welcomed me into their world so warmly. Most of them did. Some of them threw stuff at me."

Westoll's book beat out several critically acclaimed finalists, including Wade Davis (Into the Silence), Charlotte Gill (Eating Dirt), JJ Lee (The Measure of a Man) and Madeline Sonik (Afflictions & Departures).

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