All the different ways babies are made

First aired on Here and Now (17/02/12)

baby-hands.jpgAt some point, every child will tug on the sleeve of a parent and ask, "Where do babies come from?" It's an important question. Few young children can truly grasp how complex the process of being born is. But answering that question can leave parents at a loss for words even when a child gets older, especially if that child arrived through less traditional means.

Toronto-based sex educator and author Cory Silverberg wants to give parents a helping hand when it comes to explaining the birds, bees and babies. He's currently gathering funding for a new book project via online platform Kickstarter. The proposed book What Makes a Baby will share the basic details about sperm and egg, but will also open up the discussion to allow parents to fill in the blanks for their children.

"It's different because of the way it's written and also the way it's illustrated. Right now, all the books about where babies come from pretty much tell one story. That's the story about a mommy and a daddy, and then, depending on the explicitness, we hear about what they do, and sometimes we just hear that they get together and then the baby arrives." 

Silverberg feels that families who don't fit this model aren't well served by the books that are already out there. "There are all these quote, unquote, 'special' books about families. But the books for parents who adopt, single parents or parents who are using [in vitro fertilization...don't actually tell the details, sex education details, about what makes a baby," he explained. As a result, these other kinds of families end up using books that "indirectly give the message that their families are a little bit different. You would say 'special,' but I think a lot of kids and adults know that special doesn't always mean good."

To find out more about this book project, check out the video below.