8th Fire: Taqralik Partridge

A multiplatform, multicultural documentary project, 8th Fire is a provocative look at the richness and diversity of Aboriginal cultures and Canada's complex 500-year-old relationship with Indigenous peoples -- a relationship still mired in colonialism, conflict and denial.

To further explore Aboriginal culture, CBC Books is presenting a series of video interviews with authors, playwrights and storytellers to discuss how their heritage influences and inspires their work. This week, we talk to Taqralik Partridge.

There is so much diversity among Canada's First Nations communities, but even more when you take into the account the differences between North and South.

Spoken word performer and writer Taqralik Partridge is of Inuit and Scottish-Canadian heritage and has lived in a number of places across the country, from the Queen Charlotte Islands to Kuujjuaq, the largest Inuit village in Quebec, which she considers her home community. The dynamic of North and South is ever-present in her work.

"I like to write about Inuit, especially Inuit experiences in the South and also life in the North," she told CBC Books recently. "I like to write about the land, and people's relationship with the land in the North. When I'm writing about the South I like to write about how people who come from the North experience the South in ways that are sometimes really challenging but are also really interesting."

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