The late Christopher Hitchens on CBC

Journalist, political commentator and essayist Christopher Hitchens died at age 62 Thursday night after battling esophageal cancer.

The provocative writer was known for his prolific work and outspoken views on a wide breadth of topics from the Iraq War (he supported it) to religion (he was against it). On the latter subject, Hitchens famously engaged in a public debate last year in Toronto with former British prime minister Tony Blair on whether religion was a force for good.

His numerous books include a biography about Thomas Jefferson, his 2007 bestseller God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything and Hitch-22, a memoir released in 2010.

Hitchens has been a frequent guest on CBC programming and we've collected some of his memorable appearances.

Q (2009): Hitchens talks to Jian Ghomeshi about how the Bible's moral codes can be interpreted in modern times. The writer is also asked to add three more commandments to the original ten.

The Hour (2007): Hitchens explains to CBC's George Stroumboulopoulos why he believes religion is detrimental to civilization and discusses his book God Is Not Great. The interview is featured below in two parts.

Writers & Company (2002): In this interview with Eleanor Wachtel, Hitchens discusses his book Why Orwell Matters. You can listen to the episode in the clip below.

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