12 Days of CanLit: Hockey


December is the time of year to get into the holiday spirit! Whether you are on the hunt for a cheery Christmas present or a Happy Hanukkah gift, CBC Books is here to help you. For the next 12 weekdays, we will be celebrating the 12 Days of CanLit. From food and fashion to sports and science, we will be highlighting the best recent books Canada has to offer in 12 different categories. Seasonal shopping has never been so easy!

Here are three great gifts for the hockey player in your life!

Cornered: Hijinks, Highlights, Late Nights and Insights by Ron MacLean with Kirstie McLellan Day


If you've got a hockey fan on your list, we bet you they've spent many Saturday nights with Ron MacLean. He's been the host of CBC's Hockey Night in Canada for 25 years! MacLean plays the cool-headed straight man to his cantankerous Coach's Corner co-host Don Cherry, and he does so with quick wit and a wealth of hockey knowledge.

Cornered is MacLean's first book. Readers will get the inside scoop on everything from his early days in radio in Red Deer, Alberta, to his time hosting Hockey Night in Canada and the Olympics. Over the years, MacLean has witnessed countless milestones in Canadian sports — from Stanley Cups to Olympic medals, and everything in between. Go for the gold and give this to your #1 hockey fan.

Wayne Gretzky's Ghost: And Other Tales from a Lifetime in Hockey by Roy MacGregor

Wayne Gretzky's Ghostbuybutton.jpg

Roy MacGregor has been called "the best hockey writer in the country," and for good reason. Whether you know a long-time fan of MacGregor's work or are looking to introduce someone to his sharp observations about hockey, Wayne Gretzky's Ghost will make the perfect gift.

MacGregor has seen it all and done it all — from ghost-writing a column for Wayne Gretzky to playing hockey against Bobby Orr before he became a hockey superstar. This book also includes stories about hockey's greatest players from the past (Guy Lafleur) and present (Sidney Crosby), and MacGregor brings the side of these stars the fans rarely see to life in his tales of their victories and defeats.

This very personal collection offers an unique inside look from someone who has made a living — and a lifetime — out of loving Canada's game, making it the perfect present for the hockey lover in your life.

The Antagonist by Lynn Coady

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This was the year that the role of the enforcer in hockey came under intense scrutiny. But look past the news reports and pick up the Scotibank Giller Prize-shortlisted novel The Antagonist, by Lynn Coady. It's a perceptive fictional tale that offers insight into the psychological and emotional toll of being typecast as a bruiser.

Gordon Rankin (known as "Rank" to his family and friends) has been a big guy ever since adolescence, and as he grows older, he takes on roles that fit the stereotype, like hockey enforcer and bouncer. But at heart he's no brute, so when Rank discovers that a former college friend has written a novel based on him, he decides to set the story straight.

The result is an unforgettable portrait of a man who's much more than just a brawny big guy who throws his weight around.

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What hockey (or sporty!) reads would you recommend as gifts this holiday season? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below!

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