What does your literary Halloween costume look like?


Halloween is the time to open up and let those creative juices flow. It's the time of year when you get the chance to put on a mask and a costume, and impress your friends with your witty and whimsical dress-up choice.

For us bookish types, it's natural to turn to literature as a source of sartorial inspiration on All Hallow's Eve. So we want to know: what does your literary Halloween costume look like? Do you take inspiration from your favourite author and spend the day dressed as Edgar Allan Poe? Or do you prefer to enter a fictional world, donning a cape and pretending you are a student at the Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? When it comes to October 31, everything is fair game.

We want to know what your literary Halloween costume is going to look like! Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments section below! If you do, you'll be entered to win a spooktacular CBC Books prize pack, consisting of three titles courtesy of ECW Press: The Dead Kid Detective Agency by Evan Munday, Encyclopedia Gothica by Liisa Ladouceur and Haunted Hillbilly by Derek McCormack.

The contest closes on midnight ET on Sunday, October 30. The complete rules and regulations are here.

We'll share our favourites on Halloween!

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