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The annual Word on the Street Festival took place in six cities across Canada this past September. CBC Books was at the festival in Toronto, which was held on Sunday, September 25, and we took the opportunity to ask some of the guest authors and editors what they've been reading.

francis-itani.jpgOttawa fiction writer and poet Frances Itani has published a dozen books, and is a member of the Order of Canada. She's perhaps best known for her 2003 novel Deafening, which won a regional Commonwealth Prize, was shortlisted for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award and was a contender for Canada Reads in 2006. Her most recent novel is Requiem. Here's what she had to say:

"The book I'm recommending is Joan Thomas's Curiosity, which I finished this spring and I absolutely love. It's the second of her two novels and it takes place in pre-Darwinian times on the coast of England partly, and partly in Canada in the prairies, and Joan Thomas, without a doubt, is a fabulous, fabulous writer."

curiosity cover.jpgCuriosity
by Joan Thomas

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From the publisher:

"More than 40 years before the publication of The Origin of Species, 12-year-old Mary Anning, a cabinet-maker's daughter, found the first intact skeleton of a prehistoric dolphin-like creature, and spent a year chipping it from the soft cliffs near Lyme Regis. This was only the first of many important discoveries made by this incredible woman, perhaps the most important paleontologist of her day.

Henry de la Beche was the son of a gentry family, owners of a slave-worked estate in Jamaica where he spent his childhood. As an adolescent back in England, he ran away from military college, and soon found himself living with his elegant, cynical mother in Lyme Regis, where he pursued his passion for drawing and painting the landscapes and fossils of the area. One morning on an expedition to see an extraordinary discovery -- a giant fossil -- he meets a young woman unlike anyone he has ever met..."

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