Betty White gets hot on Q

If You Ask Me by Betty White

First aired on Q (13/05/11)

Betty White is everywhere these days. From becoming the oldest-ever host of Saturday Night Live to guest-starring in Community to holding her own as one of the stars of the TV sitcom Hot in Cleveland, the world can't enough of the 89-year-old award-winning actress. And until they do, Betty White won't stop. TV, films, animal activism, authorship: White wants to do it all, and this zest for showbiz shines throughout her latest bestselling book, If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won't).

White can't explain the sudden surge in her popularity, and she doesn't plan on figuring it out any time soon. Instead, she's focused on working as much as she can while she can. "I really can't believe that I'm still working this much," White admitted to Q host Jian Ghomeshi in a recent interview. "I think because I've been around so long they've figured, well, let's let the old broad have another one."

White chronicles her seven-decade career in If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won't) with her trademark humour and graciousness. She modestly credits her many years of success to a mix of hard work and good luck. However, the secret to White's prolific career could be as simple as saying yes. White does not turn down work. Ever. "Don't ask me if you don't expect me to say yes," she joked. "Because I'll say yes!"

What White likes saying yes to most, however, is television. Being invited into people's homes on a weekly basis creates an intimate relationship between those on the screen and those watching it, and White revels in this connection. "[On television] you are only talking to two or three people at a time. In film you are talking to a whole group of people," White explained. "But in television, if there are more than two or three people in a room, they are talking to each other, they aren't listening to you. I love that. The camera becomes like a friend."

This is a friendship White isn't taking for granted.

"Every day is amazing. At 89 years old you're still working steadily with people you adore," White marvelled. "The public still accepts me. Boy, you gotta be grateful for that."

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