By Susan Toy (Calgary, AB)

My first university year, computer dating was introduced. We latched to a scientific way of meeting our perfect match, and filled in questionnaires. Cards were notched and fed through a computer, which spit out a list of compatible dates.

We poured over our lists, wondering who these guys were. Too scared to make that first call, we waited. Finally, my phone rang. It was the friend of someone named Carney. Too shy to call, he'd asked this friend to invite me to meet him at his house. We were in first year, so I became suspicious. Carney was living in a house off campus, not in residence like me. I wondered if I could bring a friend.

Sure, no problem.

So I asked Anne - always up for an adventure.

We walked to the house, rang the bell, and were greeted by a couple of guys. They introduced themselves then led us into the living room, asking us to make ourselves comfortable.

I guess you'd like to meet Carney. Even though Anne was with me, I was thinking I'd been foolish getting involved.

Yes, I gulped.

Here, Carney! Come, boy! Carney, a black lab, ran into the room.

Anne and I laughed in relief. The housemates were grateful for our good humour at their joke. It was the one time in my life that a blind date had been a real dog.

That computer date wasn't quite the disaster you might imagine - I began dating one of Carney's owners.

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