By Sharon Reiner (Edmonton, AB)

I would like to say that the romance with my husband started on our first date, but it didn't.   He's still shy and reserved, but in grade seven, he was PAINFULLY shy.   I can only imagine what it took for him to call me and ask me to a movie, but he did and I accepted.  I cannot remember him speaking one word on the entire date.  Seriously.  Not one word.  I suppose he did answer when I asked him a question or made a comment, but I honestly do not remember.  What I remember is the unbearable silence.  I was (and still am) the type of person who talks too much.  The relief upon returning home was the best part of the date.  He asked me out again the next week, to a dance.  I accepted because I'm all for second chances, but was dreading the evening.  As luck would have it, I came down with the flu and had to back out.  He never asked me out again.  I'm sure we spoke throughout the rest of high school, but I don't remember.  Time passed.  Years.  He married someone.  I married someone.  He divorced.  I divorced.  We both showed up alone to our high school reunion.  It was time for a second chance.   We've been together ever since.   I still talk too much, and he is still shy, but we make it work.  We are in love and happy.  None of this is based on that first date.

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