By Lima Al-Azzeh (North Vancouver, BC)

As a modern woman, I thought I was fully prepared for the online dating world. I am a good conversationalist, I smell nice, and I'm not averse to going dutch. The one thing I don't possess is good intuition.

So when I read that people watching was one of his favourite pastimes, I assumed he just was being adorably clever. Or maybe I was slightly blinded by how cute he looked in his photos.

Unfortunately, the man who showed up to our date had decidedly less hair, and decidedly more paunch. To make matters worse, he actually did have an obsession with people watching.

Over the next couple of hours he sat and stared out the window at just about everybody: The homeless woman begging for change, the couple seated on the patio having an enviably good time, the wait staff, anybody, but me. I was left to entertain myself. So I drank. A lot.

I was absolutely delighted, and maybe a little tipsy, by the time the waitress offered the bill. Being the modern woman that I am, I gladly offered to pay my share. Then he threw off my intuition again, he offered to foot the bill.  Maybe he wasn't such a bad guy after all...

He took one look at all those glasses of wine, looked over at me searchingly, and then, he pushed the billfold away from himself and said, You know what? Maybe I will get you to pay your share.

Wrong again.

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