By June Messenger (Lachine, QC)

Sex appeal was the currency when I was fifteen. It could make or break you with the guys.  Since I exuded as much appeal as my school uniform, I was astounded one day when a boy named Norman came up and invited me to the school dance. I was munching a handful of peanuts at the time, and I stood there, salt all over my face, feeling desperate with an urgent need to consult Doris, my bosom buddy.  Realizing this was impossible, I impulsively asked if she could come too!  The request so unnerved poor Norman his eyes bulged, but he agreed to invite the pair of us!! 

We entered the gym as an awkward threesome, he alternating between the two of us, while shouts from his pals resounded over the music Is that number one or number two? 

Strange as the night started, it grew even stranger, for while my half-date danced with Doris, a boy named Allen approached me, twirling a finger to simulate a dance.   We danced amazingly well together - so well, I discovered sex appeal! We spent the rest of the night perfecting some pretty fancy steps, leaving Norman no choice but to dance solely with my bosom buddy. 

Gentleman that he was, Norman observed the protocol of walking me home - but with Allen a few paces behind. When we arrived at my doorstep Norman muttered something incoherent, then rushed away.

It should have been mine and not poor Norman's worst date ever!

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