By Jennifer Christman (Red Deer, AB)

The date that never was, and never would be, this is how I remember it.  How could it ever happen especially after my reaction to the simple request Will you go out with me?

It was the grade eight year, I was an awkward thirteen.  I was barely on the brink of womanhood, still trying to get used to the bumps that had sprouted on my tomboy chest, caught between being one of the boys and becoming the object of their desire.  I was in transition to say the least.

I was teased without mercy at school so when Pat approached me with his group of cool friends during the lunch break I was instantly suspicious.  As they circled me I looked for a way out.  Pat grinned at me, Will you go out with me? he asked.  The others laughed.  I turned red. The request was repeated. Laughter again ensued.

Having been on the receiving end of teasing for so long I thought this was yet another one of those moments, Pat's question surely just the set-up for some cruel joke. So I did what any animal cornered does...I fought the perceived threat. 

I wound up and planted a right hook on Pat's temple.  I can still hear the shocked gasps and see the smile on his face melt away as he crumpled to the ground, unconscious!

I often wonder, was it really a joke or had he really want to date me? I will never know.

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