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First aired on The Next Chapter (03/14/11)

March is Mystery Month at The Next Chapter. All month long, Shelagh Rogers is interviewing the best and brightest Canadian mystery writers and we'll share her conversations here in the Mystery Books discussion group.

This week, Shelagh wants to introduce you to Joe Barley. He's a part-time English instructor at the fictional Hambleton college in Toronto. To make ends meet, he moonlights as a detective. But now his partner is pregnant with their first child and it looks like his job in academia might be cut. Joe is worried. and it only gets worse when strange things begin to happen around the college: a rash of car thefts, a mysterious letter writing campaign and a sudden disappearance of a colleague.

Shelagh spoke with Eric Wright, the mastermind behind Joe Barley. A Likely Story is the third book in the Joe Barley series. Listen to their conversation above and join the one about Eric, Joe and A Likely Story below!

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