Heather O'Neill: Dating Disasters. Tell us yours!

I've been on some spectacularly bad dates in my life. As I've walked home afterwards, under the moon, the taxi cabs whizzing by, my head bent forward like Charlie Brown, I've sworn to just renounce the whole activity. I've declared dating to be beneath my dignity hundreds of times. But, of course, I'm only human and human beings couple: sometimes to wondrous effects and sometimes to disastrous ones. One thing dating provides is a goldmine of hilarious stories.

So tell us your stories. Tell us about the oddball your sister set you up with. Tell us about the guy who brought his ex-girlfriend along. Tell us about the guy who tied his pit bull up outside the restaurant. Or maybe you are the weirdo who's scaring everyone off. That's okay too! I'm sure there are guys out there who would describe me as having been their worst date ever. We're dying to hear the stories you have to tell. And, as always, the best tale wins a prize.

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