By Wiley Ho (North Vancouver, BC)

Clean your window for spare change? Before I could respond the hoodied kid thrust his arm across my windshield with a dirty squeegee and slopped grey water around my field of vision. As he made a final swipe, he pushed his free hand inside my window and waved it in my face for his entitlement.

I rooted in the ashtray for the quarter I use every week for my grocery cart and handed it to my assailant. He scoffed, People normally do a loonie.

I was already late for my friend's birthday dinner, circling the block for parking. Now I have a smeared windshield and a kid judging me as a cheapskate. You started cleaning my windshield before I could say no. My car was already clean. I give you change and you complain it's not enough?!

Yeah, cheap asshole. He thumped my car roof.

Listen, you little twerp, I started but the lights had changed and the car behind me honked. The kid sauntered off, flipping me the bird.

I find parking and run for the restaurant. I am caught by another red light at the same ill-fated intersection where I watch the squeegee kid hassle his latest victim. On the sidewalk two steps from my feet, his hoodie is crumpled next to a 2L Coke bottle full of old soapy water and a cup with his earnings. I can't help but glance inside the cup: A loonie and my quarter.  I take two steps and scoop the loonie.

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