By Sheena Koo (Vancouver, BC)

As I look back from my doorsteps, I struggle to recount how ended up here, watching a boy in a suit stumble across my lawn, with his pants unraveled to the ground.

It began with a Cheshire grin and a voice that reminded me of James Dean.

A woozy night of salsa at a two-bit club where tequila shots are two bucks a pop.

A cat and mouse chase of infrequent calls, and midnight house stays.

An unexpected message: I want to see you.Tonight.

A trip to a mysterious abode, where I find him out on a deck, smoking cigars with the boys.

I didn't think you would come, he says, as he blows smoke rings around my face.

His phone rings. He answers, giving the woman on the other end hushed whispers.

I turn to leave, but he begs, please don't go. I want you here.

We go to a quiet room and once again, I can't say no to that impish grin.

I wake up alone and the sun is burning my eyes.

Gulping down my shame I slump into stranger's car when the wolf spots me from the house.

I'm coming for the ride, he slurs as he touches my face.

I am at my door, and there he stands, on my lawn with his pants down to his ankles.

He waters my daffodils with his urine and I slam the door behind me, leaving the last vestiges of my innocent youth in the front yard.

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