By Richard Tomkies (Halfmoon Bay, BC)


Put simply, she was a goddess. Walking to me, eyes on mine, smile simmering.  She wore a tight, blue, Thai-silk dress, topped by an ermine stole. I stood and pulled out a chair. Lise I said, bowing. Richard she replied with a nod, Thank you. I was infatuated. We ordered drinks. Minutes before, Lise was dancing, feathered, gloriously seductive, in the Lido chorus line.

Like the gal second from left? Wilton had asked. Exquisite! I sighed.

Wilton hailed a waiter, exchanged some words and sent him away. She'll drop by after the show he said, smiling, Her name's Lise - a bonus for you!

Wilton and I had scored a coup in Paris : he, Account Director, twenty years' my senior, me, the young, creative 'genius'; the Paris agency agreed to use our ads, splitting fees and commissions with our London office. I was 24, and insufferably smug. Wilton suggested The Lido club to celebrate.

You youngsters should go enjoy yourselves he hinted as we rose to leave.

I looked at Lise. My place, yes? she whispered coyly.

Lise went into the bathroom emerging minutes' later, naked save a towel round her waist.

Let's go to bed she purred. The towel dropped.

I gasped.  Like all the Elysian ladies in the Lido line that night, Lise was a man! I hadn't known. I'd been set-up!

Damn you, Wilton, you'll pay for this! I spluttered.

He already did! quipped Lise, and we both began to laugh.

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