By Sari Sikstrom (Vancouver, BC)

For the first time my sixth grade class from Calder school would be competing at the Kiwanis music festival.  It would also be the first time I would cross the railway tracks and the High-Level Bridge to south Edmonton. 

Miss McArthur sent home a consent form to parents listing the dress code, a white shirt and dark skirt. I wore my sisters hand me downs, my only   choice a shirt with blue triangles and a kilt.  My friend Frankie wore his father's church shirt with blue elastics holding up the sleeves.

Our school bus arrived at the Jubilee Auditorium and we followed the throng into the theatre.   As the schools took their seats red seats were transformed to white.  As we walked down the aisle a hush fell, our colourful attire was a pirate flag against the white sail.

Finally we marched on stage our focus on Miss Arthur her shirt a silver breastplate, the baton a javelin. 

Hark I hear the foe advancing, Barbed steeds are proudly prancing

Unfortunately, the judges were not members of the Legion; they deemed Men of Harlech an inappropriate song for an elementary school.

What they missed were the hours we discussed where is Harlech?  What are they fighting for?  Miss Arthur took us into the mist, where unicorns and knights reside. I can sing that song today and will sing it when I am ninety.  Victory was ours.

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