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Shield Country

Cold Land, Warm Hearts

House Calls by Dogsled

Wings of Glass

Return to the Drum

Mike Krutko's Amazing Adventures

City Unique

Myth of the Barrens


Iceberg Tea

Yamoria the Lawmaker: Stories of the Dene

The Fat Woman Next Door is Pregnant

Clara Callan

The Tin Flute

Walk to New York

The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz


The Incredible Journey

City of Words

The Lyric Generation

What We All Long for

Barney's Version

Stroll: Psychogeographic Walking Tours of Toronto

Tales from the Uncertain Country and Other Stories

Angel Square

Elizabeth and After

The Best Laid Plans

Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography

Skin Room

Queen of Hearts

Unnatural History: True Manitoba Mysteries

The Bush Pilot Angler

The Salvation of Yasch Siemens

The Word for Home

Over Prairie Trails

Rue Deschambault (Streets of Riches)

Stormy Weather: Foursomes

Holding My Breath

The Diviners

The Colony of Unrequited Dreams

Down By Jim Long's Stage

An Ordinary Decent Criminal

For the Love of Strangers

Down to the Dirt

Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont

Wood Mountain Poems

Random Passage

Sour Milk & Other Saskatchewan Crime Stories

A Hunter's Confession

The Art of Salvage

The Complete Poems: 1927-1979

Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta

Dictionary of Prince Edward Island English

The Long Trail: My Life in the West

The Mad Trapper

Fatted Calf Blues

One Native Life

The Garneau Block

Incidents in the Life of Markus Paul


Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw

Kindly Light

Eye Opener Bob


Milk-Chicken Bomb

Fishing for Bacon

The Jade Peony


Pélagie: The Return to Acadie

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Mist on the River

Tay John

George and Rue

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Massey Lectures Contest Rules and Regulations

Canada Reads Poetry

The Stephen Leacock Medal

Journeying towards freedom

CanLit Quiz: Our funniest books of all time

The extraordinary Mitford sisters

Are we headed for a geological doomsday?

The economics of love

CanLit Survey Rules and Regulations

Searching for meaning amid tragedy

A manifesto for the blind

Missed a story? Listen online!

Third Challenge Winner + The End!

By Garnet Johnson-Koehn (Hamilton, ON)

By Susan Toy (Calgary, AB)

By Patricia Page (Toronto, ON)

By Roxanne Lacroix (Gatineau, QC)

By Elyne Quan (Toronto, ON)

By Caitlyn Galway (Richmond Hill, ON)

Literary Limericks Contest

By Hazel Lebrun (Ottawa, ON)

By Lima Al-Azzeh (North Vancouver, BC)

By Sharron Bertchilde (Nanaimo, BC)

By Nina Haikara (Toronto, ON)

By Trish Davidson (Montreal, QC)

By Dany Babin (Montreal, QC)

Sarah Gilbert: Sunday Afternoon

"The First Time I Died."

By Wendy Turnbull (Vancouver, BC)

By Ed Leung (Pickering, ON)

By Courtney Stuart (Ottawa, ON)

By Seth McDonough (New Westminster, BC)

By Tiffany Morris (Halifax, NS)

By Maria Mallozzi (Mississauga, ON)

Sammy Hagar's uncensored life in rock

By Mary Ann Davis (Montreal, QC)

By Wiley Ho (North Vancouver, BC)

By S. Elasoff (Richmond, BC)

By Laurie Burns (Halifax, NS)

By Laurie Wells (Ponoka, AB)

Sheila Heti: Sinning and getting away with it

By Pascal Milelli (Vancouver, BC)

By Corinne Goertzen (Steinbach, MB)

By Donna Tone (Yarmouth, NS)

Xue Xinran's messages from unknown mothers

The Best Laid Plans

By Eric Bossley (Surrey, BC)

By Hanna Kelly (Ottawa, ON)

By Jadzia Prenosil (Burnaby, BC)

By Elizabeth Brooks (Toronto, ON)

By Mary Milander (Waswanipi, QC)

By Jessica Michalofsky (Victoria, BC)

By Judy Millar (Nanaimo, BC)

By C. B. Sikstrom (Cold Lake, AB)

Heather O'Neill: World's worst date?

"The Impossibility of Amputation."

By Kelly Baker (Toronto, ON)

By Denise Sevier-Fries (Courtenay, BC)

By Alex Gierus (Beaconsfield, QC)

By Sharon Reiner (Edmonton, AB)

By Christine Millar (Dartmouth, NS)

Miguel Syjuco: Why I write

By Nicole McLaughlin (Grand Falls, NB)

By Vanessa Shields (Windsor, ON)

By Jock Mackenzie (Red Deer, AB)

I Think I Love You by Allison Pearson

By Francis Litzinger (Toronto, ON)

By Jowita Bydlowska (Toronto, ON)

By Beverly Rasporich (Invermere, BC)

By Collette Kearns (Unionville, ON)

By June Messenger (Lachine, QC)

By Jennifer Christman (Red Deer, AB)

By Mary Jane More (Breslau, ON)

By Jennifer Blair (Red Deer, AB)

By G Giraudi (Mississauga, ON)

Mystery Books

Romance Novels

Cookbook Community

Second Challenge: And the Winner is...

By Charles Fisch (Toronto, ON)

By Susan Elliott (Barrie, ON)

"Guinea Pig."

By E. Craig McKay (Clarke's Beach, NL)

By Bridget Canning (Burin, NL)

By Helen Fletton (Canmore, AB)

By Sheena Koo (Vancouver, BC)

By Deborah Whelan (Mt. Pearl, NL)

By Peter Seidman (Toronto, ON)

CanLit Quiz: Freedom to Read Week

By Merrianne Couture (Vancouver, BC)

By Suzanne Sutherland (Toronto, ON)

By Sally Barker (Victoria, BC)

Adam Gollner: Why do I write?

Michael Winter: Thinly Veiled

Adam Gollner: Why do I write?

By Cindy Matthews (Petersburg, ON)

By Robin McKenzie (Victoria, BC)

By Sara Penny (Cambridge, ON)

Canada celebrates Freedom to Read Week

By Heather Cullen (Ottawa, ON)

By Richard Tomkies (Halfmoon Bay, BC)

By Nathaniel G. Moore (Toronto, ON)

Heather O'Neill: A Story Without Words

By Katrina Johnston (Victoria, BC)

By Ann MacDonald (Whitehorse, YT)

By John Stevens (Pemberton, BC)

By Sandrine Ferst (Montreal, QC)

By Evelyn Galbraith (Quesnel, BC)

By Bridget Canning (Burin Bay Arm, NL)

Heather O'Neill: Dating Disasters. Tell us yours!

"A Casual Encounter."

By Heather Rath (Burlington, ON)

By Wilda Kruize (Edmonton, AB)

By Dany Babin (Montreal, QC)

By Laurie Wells (Ponoka, AB)

By Mary Trafford (Chelsea, QC)

By Mel Massey (Ottawa, ON)

So You Think You Can Talk Books with Shelagh Rogers

Book clubs: Win a visit from Terry Fallis

By Chris Cameron (Toronto, ON)

By Robina Martin (Sherwood Park, AB)

By Tom Lowery (Temagami, ON)

Annabel Lyon on writing about Alexander the Great

By Janet Trull (Ancaster, ON)

By Luis Monzon (Ottawa, ON)

By Wiley Ho (North Vancouver, BC)

Elizabeth Kelly: Dear Diary

Lisa Moore: My Character

By Paul Kearns (Markham, ON)

By Laurie Neville (Newmarket, ON)

By Tim Duncan (Kingston, ON)

By Arthur Da Costa (Wallaceburg, ON)

By Amanda Eason (Windsor, ON)

By Stephen Hunt (Battersea, ON)

March 2011: Words & Music Month

By Doreen Isaak (Calgary, AB)

By Aspi Maneckjee (Antigonish, NS)

By Ruth Summersides (Qu'Appelle, SK)

Heather O'Neill: How to be a writer

"Wirgin for Short but not for Long."

By Bev Kozdrowski (Calgary, AB)

By Elena Vochin (Woodbridge, ON)

By Diane Snape (Crossfield, AB)

By Jeanne Mott (Toronto, ON)

By Glenn Gottselig (Regina, SK)

By Carolyn Dawson (Windsor, ON)

By Matt Grose (Montreal, QC)

By Vanessa Shields (Windsor, ON)

Sarah Gilbert: Temporary

By Rita Bozi (Calgary, AB)

By Stephen Jaggers (Toronto, ON)

By D. Mahoney (Windsor, ON)

By Jadzia Prenosil (Burnaby, BC)

By June Messenger (Lachine, QC)

By Don Griffon (Guelph, ON)

By Gordon MacRae (Dawson City, YT)

By Anthony Iacovino (Toronto, ON)

By Savannah Watkins (North Vancouver, BC)

First Challenge: And the winner is...

By Karla Weir (Winnipeg, MB)

By Alexandria Haber (Montreal, QC)

By Karen Foster (Ottawa, ON)

"Blue Mountain."

Canada Reads

By Matthew Stranach (Fredericton, NB)

By Paul Austin (Victoria, BC)

By Sheena Koo (Vancouver, BC)

The Birth House

The Bone Cage

Canada Reads 2011

Essex County


Basic Profile

Social Chrysalis

Social Butterfly

Early Adopter

Social Caterpillar

Thumbs Up

Book Groupie

Full Profile

By Katherine Krige (London, ON)

By Lynda Murtha (Toronto, ON)

By Maureen Abbott (Dawson City, YT)

By Nancy Crossman (Moncton, NB)

By Bee Marder (Toronto, ON)

By Carla Gadula (Ottawa, ON)

By Phil Dwyer (Toronto, ON)

By Richard Tomkies (Halfmoon Bay, BC)

By Doreen Vanderstoop (Calgary, AB)

By Merrill Edlund (Saskatoon, SK)

By Robert Oakman (Vaughan, ON)

By Andrea Gummo (Kingston, ON)

52 books in 52 weeks

By Penny Barker (Belleville, ON)

By Cindy Matthews (Petersburg, ON)

By Corrie Adams (Newmarket, ON)

By Janice Sardari (North Vancouver, BC)

By Michael Melanson (Winnipeg, MB)

By Mark Weston (Summerland, BC)

"Drop In."

Heather O'Neill: Tell us the wicked things you've done

By Della Dennis (Edmonton, AB)

By Maria Mallozzi (Mississauga, ON)

By Gerda Vester (Olds, AB)

By Michael Kearsley (Ottawa, ON)

By Charles Fisch (Toronto, ON)

By Paul Coccia (Toronto, ON)

By Shirley Stonier (Surrey, BC)

By Francis Litzinger (Toronto, ON)

By Dalia Gesser (Battersea, ON)

By Judith Ouellette Bezaire

By Vanessa Shields (Windsor, ON)

Pasha Malla: On living out loud

By Janet Trull (Ancaster, ON)

By Eric Bossley (Surrey, BC)

By Maureen Abbott (Dawson City, YT)

By Sharon Reiner (Edmonton, AB)

By Ivan Marinov (Squamish, BC)

By Mary Faux (Strathroy, ON)

By Valerie Tomkies (Halfmoon Bay, BC)

By Lorna Brantnall (Mississauga, ON)

By Sharon Colling (Hornby Island, BC)

Heather O'Neill: Sneaking away to read and write

"A Personal Matter."

By Sonja Larsen (Vancouver, BC)

By Colleen Irwin (Lindsay, BC)

By C.B. Sikstrom (Cold Lake, AB)

By Jonathan Butler (St. John's, NL)

By Lee Kvern (Okotoks, AB)

By Deb Munroe (Vancouver, BC)

By Lynda Murtha (Toronto, ON)

By James Beaton (Toronto, ON)

By Colleen Cole (Brampton, ON)

What happened to the Poe Toaster?

By Marie Chartrand (Montreal, QC)

By Rose Butler (Saint John, NB)

By Doreen Isaak (Calgary, AB)

Sarah Gilbert: The New Kid

Suzanne Somers on staying sexy forever

By Marie Chartrand (Montreal, QC)

By Betty Warrington-Kearsley (Ottawa, ON)

By Michal Pesta (Kelowna, BC)

By Richard Tomkies (Halfmoon Bay, BC)

By Diane Lafontaine (Vancouver, BC)

By Tony Mayadunne (Mississauga, ON)

By Jo-Anne Maki (Kamloops, BC)

By Amber Church (Whitehorse, YT)

By Sari Sikstrom (Vancouver, BC)

By Patricia Byrne (Bobcaygeon, ON)

"My Life as an Entrepreneur."

Heather O'Neill: Superheroes I have known

By Gilles Babin (Gatineau, QC)

By Huguette Bourgeois (Ottawa, ON)

By Dana Schwab (Lethbridge, AB)

By Phil Dwyer (Toronto, ON)

By Nicole Shuglo (Hopedale, NL)

By Shirley Hay (Winnipeg, MB)

Replay: Canada Reads live chat with Jeff Lemire

By Craig Spence (Langley, BC)

By Karin Melberg Schwier (Saskatoon, SK)

By Mary Ann Davis (Montreal, QC)

Heather O'Neill: Childhood is an adventure - tell me yours

The Mystery of the Stratemeyer Legacy

By Alicia Hendley (Guelph, ON)

By Keith McKibben (Duncan, BC)

By Andy Flanagan (Belledune, NB)

Andrew Pyper explores friendship and haunted houses in his new novel

By Denise Sevier Fries (Courtnay, BC)

By Janet Lunn (Bedford, NS)

By Richard Kaulbars (Ottawa, ON)

Stranger Than Fiction: Heather O'Neill's loveliest mistake

Caroline Alexander on the real Achilles

Heather O'Neill: The truth is wild and wonderful

Final Debate: Question for Panelists

"The Loveliest Mistake."

The Oprah Effect: Good or bad for literature?

Cracking the case of Agatha Christie

Replay: Canada Reads live chat with Ami McKay

Roch Carrier reads The Hockey Sweater

Replay: Canada Reads live chat with Terry Fallis