The lending library: Musician Steven Page's book picks

The books you read and love can say a lot about you.

With this in mind, CBC Radio 2's Kelly Cutrara regularly approaches Canadian musicians and asks, "what is the book you think everyone should read?" Here's what Steven Page had to say.


"There are two books. One is Black Dogs by Ian McEwan which is just mind-blowing. He's one of my favourite writers, and I love anything he writes, but that book just killed me. It's an exploration of evil, but whether or not evil exists -- whether it's a human trait or a trait that's universal. It's shocking and thoughtful and just great.


"On the lighter side, but also a sad book, is American writer Richard Brautigan. He was kind of a hippie icon, but he didn't identify himself as that. He had a very distinctive, simple voice, but poetic at the same time. His last book that he wrote before committing suicide in the early '80s was a book called So the Wind Won't Blow It All Away. It was out of print for some time, so I was very excited when, you know, in the old days, going on tour, one of the pleasures was going and finding records or books that you couldn't find. Now you can go online and find them anytime, which is nice, but it's kind of cheating. So when I found the hardcover copy of that, that's one of my prized possessions."

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