The Monthly Book Report for October 2010


It's time to mix it up here at CBC Books. We've got the glorious Canada Reads, now entering its 10th anniversary season. (Stay tuned for details on that!) We've got two fantastic literary radio programs — The Next Chapter and Writers & Company — and Between the Covers, our popular podcast of serialized readings from the best in contemporary Canadian fiction. We've got a bouncing Book Club, exploring a different literary genre every month. We've got coverage of book news from across Canada and around the world, brought to you online, on the radio and on television.

But you know what we don't talk about regularly? What goes on behind the scenes in the world of publishing. We're on the case to change that. Starting today, the CBC Books team will bring you insider insight into what goes on behind the scenes and beyond the pages in Canada's publishing industry.

Our Monthly Book Report will be delivered via the CBC Book Club podcast, so be sure to subscribe! Up this month, in our inaugural report, is a close look at the Scotiabank Giller Award. We find out how they arrive at the long list, and how professionals in the publishing industry react and respond to the impact that literary awards have on the supply and demand of books. We also explore the Giller's smaller sibling, the Toronto Book Awards, and see how local prizes stack up compared to those on a national scale. Finally, we'll take you inside this month's CBC Book Club theme (trust us, it's deep, dark and deceiving).

Ever wanted to know how a book gets printed? What role an editor plays? Send us a question and we'll dig up the answer and present it in a future Monthly Book Report. We'd love to hear your ideas and comments. Just drop us a line at

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