Francois Chartier - Molecular Sommelier

First aired on C'est la vie  (06/20/10)

We all know pretzels go well with beer, but what about maple syrup and sake? And why does anything with mint taste so good with Sauvignon Blanc?

These are the kind of questions that keep François Chartier up at night.

Chartier is a sommelier — an expert at pairing wine and food. Several years ago, he started exploring just exactly what it is that consitutes a good flavour match, down to the most basic level.

Chartier took the ideas of molecular gastronomy, a movement which seeks to understand and manipulate the science behind cooking, and applied its principles to the world of wine. The results were both surprising and exciting. They were also the basis for his cookbook, Papilles et Molécules, which won Best Innovative Food Book In The World at the World Cookbook Awards in 2010.

Chartier is currently the sommelier at Spain's elBulli, which regularly places at the top of lists of the world's best, and most creative, restaurants.

Papilles et Molécules will be published in English this September as Taste Buds and Molecules. Hear the author in conversation with host Bernard St-Laurent on C'est la vie.

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