Texas textbook troubles (audio)

Burning book

The Texas Board of Education is planning some pretty sweeping changes to the way history is taught in the state. Earlier this month, the board -- which is populated heavily by conservative Republicans -- voted in favour of more than 100 amendments to the state's curriculum standards.

Many of the changes are politically loaded. Former Republican House leader Newt Gingrich will get prominent billing. So will Stonewall Jackson, a Confederate General in the U.S. Civil War. But Mexican American civil rights activist Cesar Chavez will be downplayed ... along with the cultural importance of hip hop. And the thing about Texas is that it's big enough -- and it has so much text-book-buying clout -- that when it makes changes like these, it can affect the way history is taught all over the United States and maybe even Canada. In this broadcast, The Current explores this contentious issue and talks to those for and against these broad changes.

First aired on The Current 03/24/10
runs [25:25]

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