Stephen Fry in America (audio)

First aired on The Sunday Edition 02/28/10
runs [21:02]
Actor, writer, comedian and "quintessential Englishman" Stephen Fry was nearly born an American, and is fascinated by his almost-native country. Wanting to learn more about the weird, endearing and infuriating aspects of American life, he dreamed up a TV series and an accompanying book called Stephen Fry in America. It's a multimedia account of Mr. Fry's tour of all fifty States of the Union, traversed mainly in a black London Taxi cab driven by Mr. Fry himself. The series was shot from September 2007 to the following May - and aired in six parts on British TV. It's a remarkable program about a country that - no matter how else you describe it - is certainly remarkable.

This week, Stephen Fry was in a studio in Culver City, California - the 46th state on his comprehensive tour - and talked with Kevin Sylvester on The Sunday Edition

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