North Korea: the darkest nation (audio)

First aired on Dispatches 01/07/10
runs [16:35]

There are dogs that eat better than doctors in North Korea do.

American journalist Barbara Demick knows that because she met a pediatrician who found out the hard way.

Demick is a correspondent for the Los Angeles Times. She spent seven years documenting the dangers North Korea has unleashed upon its own citizens and the world at large. The nuclear threat. The famine. The prison camps.

Thanks to her interviews with several who defected from North to South Korea we now have a sense of what it was like to live under the volatile regimes of Kim Il-sung and his son, Kim Jong-il in the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea."

These stories are in her new book, Nothing To Envy: Ordinary Lives In North Korea, and she appeared on Dispatches to discuss it.

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