12 Days of CanLit 2012


Have you been avoiding your calendar, in denial about the shrinking number of shopping days before Christmas? The holiday season is upon us, and whether you're looking for gifts to set under a tree or around a menorah or just for some non-denominational seasonal giving (or reading!), we've got 12 days of book recommendations coming your way. With 12 different categories, we've got books for everyone from foodies to fiction addicts to sports buffs missing their beloved hockey this winter.

figs-dessert-120.jpgDay One: Food

On the first day of CanLit we bring you three delicious new reads for the passionate cook or food enthusiast in your life.

headphone-listening-120.jpgDay Two: Music

On the second day of CanLit we bring you three musical reads for the special someone in your life who loves to pump up the volume.

sports-fans-120.jpgDay Three: Sports

On the third day of CanLit we bring you three sports books that take you into the locker rooms of three very different sports.

canlit-illustratedbooks-120.jpgDay Four: Illustrated books

On the fourth day of CanLit we bring you two gorgeous books for kids (that aesthetically minded adults will also enjoy) and one stunning graphic novel for grown-ups.

bidness-man-120.jpgDay Five: Business

On the fifth day of CanLit we bring you three very different reads about money, how to make it and what can go wrong when someone else wants yours.

science-technology-120.jpgDay Six: Science and Technology

On the sixth day of CanLit we bring you three reads that explore quantum physics, the science behind Mad Cow disease, and the politics of space exploration.

medical-pills-120.jpgDay Seven: Health and Medicine

On the seventh day of CanLit, we bring you three books that tackle the wide world of medicine.

adventure-action-120.jpgDay Eight: Adventure

On the eighth day of CanLit we bring you three thrilling reads for the armchair adventurer in your life. 

van-gogh-painting-120.jpgDay Nine: Art and culture

On the ninth day of CanLit, we bring you two books that look at fine art and one that looks at dance.

eco-friendly-120.jpgDay Ten: Green books for the eco-savvy

On the tenth day of CanLit, we bring you three books about environmental issues for the eco-activist in your life.

love-books-120.jpgDay Eleven: Books for bookworms

On the eleventh day of CanLit, we bring you three books that celebrate the written word and the printed package they come in.

traveller-suitcase-120.jpgDay Twelve: Travel

We conclude our annual gift giving guide with a look at books for the person in your life with a perpetual case of wanderlust!

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