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What is the value of a university education?

It's back to the classroom for university students across Saskatchewan this month. But ... it's also a time when many students and their parent my be questioning the value of a college education. The debate is being fanned by a new article published in Walrus magazine by a Saskatchewan academic, Ken Coates, who teaches Regional Innovation at the Johnson Shoyama School of Public Policy in Saskatoon. Coates says many students and their families have an unrealistic view of a value of a university education, especially when it comes to launching a career. But hold on! says one of Coates' colleagues. Peter Stoicheff, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the U of S, says there are many benefits to a university education overlooked by Coates. And Dean Stoicheff spoke to Garth Materie and his listeners on Blue Sky about why advanced studies are still a good idea for many students.

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