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Mr. Mulcair goes to Alberta

As the NDP leader tours the oilsands he has criticised, Nathan Lemphers from the Pembina Institute talks with callers about his new report that supports the economics of Mulcair's position, though not necessarily the politics behind it.
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Duck rescue

It's not a new reality tv show. It's a program to relocate ducks who are nesting in unsafe areas. Lawrence Pinter talks about the joint project between his Saskatoon company and the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan.

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You can find more information about rescuing ducks on Pinter's website.


Not just for sailboats

Lake Diefenbaker may be a haven for sailors, but it's also become a home to fish and birds. Find out how the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority is trying to ensure that future generations of humans and beasts will be able to enjoy the man-made waterway.
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