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App Line!

Wondering which apps are great for your iPad and smartphones, and which aren't worth the two bucks?  Listen to App Line.

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Here's a list of apps that were mentioned today:
Chris Bridge's musical apps (all of which you can create music):
YUMI:synth (bowed string simulator)
Yamaha TNR-i (Tenori-On is the $2000 harware)
Chad Jones suggestions:
Sound Hound - find the song you just heard by humming it or saying the name
Ocerena - hear songs played on the app from around the world
Leaf Trombone - hear people trying to compete in a music competition from around the world
Plants vs. Zombies - game
Super Stickman golf - game
And others he didn't have time to mention:
Instagrams - people share their photos they take and you can sit and watch as people around the world add their photos
Tip Master - calculates the exact tip you should use
Pickup Master - gives you just the right pickup line
Urban Spoon -what restaurants are nearby
From Meaghan:
Bubble Wrap - make the same sounds and get satisfaction by popping bubbles
Fortune Ball - need to make a decision? 'Spin' the Fortune Ball.
From Val:
Skyview - map the starry, starry skies