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Black-footed ferrets are 'golden'

A documentary that aired on the Nature of Things about the black-footed ferrets at Grasslands National Park has won the award for best nature documentary at the Yorkton Film Festival.  You can still watch Return of the Prairie Bandit here.

Your thoughts on the Walker trial

Garth speaks with law professor Glen Luther about the trial of Kim Walker in Yorkton, and he takes your calls.
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Ten-day-old baby from Lloydminster has heart transplant

Terry-Lynn Plummer thought she was having a normal pregnancy.  But when she was nearly at term, her baby stopped moving, and she had an emergency c-section.  It turns out the baby had a massive heart attack in utero.  His only hope - a heart transplant.  Garth hears the amazing story, from baby Kaleb's mother.
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