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Links to more information on help for hoarding


·         www.mooddisordersofcanada.ca. A Canadian organization dealing with mood disorders.

·         www.ocduk.org. A fairly new and excellent information source by a new non-profit group.

·         www.healthyplace.com. An interesting and informative website in which you can observe videos on OCD and sign up for a regular e-mail newsletter delivered every week. Also see further links  -  /anxiety-panic/ocd-symptoms-causes-treatments/menu-id-60 and http://www.healthyplace.com.communities and links to blogs. Read the privacy provisions before signing up for the newsletter.

·         www.ocdonline.com/  Dr. Steven Phillipson's Center for Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy Website features information and support for those who suffer from Obsessive Compusive Disorder.

·         www.nimh.nih.gov/pulicat/ocdfacts.cfm? The National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) in the USA is a particularly informative resource on all aspects of mental health.