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Links to more information on help for hoarding


·         www.mooddisordersofcanada.ca. A Canadian organization dealing with mood disorders.

·         www.ocduk.org. A fairly new and excellent information source by a new non-profit group.

·         www.healthyplace.com. An interesting and informative website in which you can observe videos on OCD and sign up for a regular e-mail newsletter delivered every week. Also see further links  -  /anxiety-panic/ocd-symptoms-causes-treatments/menu-id-60 and http://www.healthyplace.com.communities and links to blogs. Read the privacy provisions before signing up for the newsletter.

·         www.ocdonline.com/  Dr. Steven Phillipson's Center for Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy Website features information and support for those who suffer from Obsessive Compusive Disorder.

·         www.nimh.nih.gov/pulicat/ocdfacts.cfm? The National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) in the USA is a particularly informative resource on all aspects of mental health.


Helping Libyans

Should Canada be doing more to support Libyans in their struggle to overthrow Moammar Gadhafi? Politicial scientist Michael Byers, Canadian Research Chair at the University of British Columbia discusses Canada's role with listeners.


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Fleeing Libya

Youssef and Ebthial Mersal are trying to get out of Benghazi. The brother and sister from Regina returned to Libya, the land of their birth, to study medicine, but now they're fleeing the bloodshed and uncertainty.

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