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2010 at the Movies

CBC's weather guy and host/producer of the Couch Potato Report, Dan Reynish, watched about 600 fillms this year. He joined Garth to share his list of hits and misses:

Dan's Top Ten Movies Of 2010
1. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
2. Rush - Beyond The Lighted Stage
3. Inception
4. Toy Story 3
5. Exit Through The Gift Shop
6. The Other Guys
7. The Social Network
8. The Town
9. The King's Speech
10. Piranha
11. Let Me In
12. Cemetery Junction
13. True Grit
14. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
15. Black Swan
16. Paranormal Activity 2
17. Jackass 3D
18. Waking Sleeping Beauty
19. The Boys - The Sherman Brothers Story
20. Black Dynamite
- Hot Tub Time Machine
- She's Out Of My League
- Grown-Ups
- Despicable Me
- Kick-Ass
- Salt
- Iron Man 2
- Easy A
Worst Movies Of The Year/Waste Of Time Films/Pointless/Useless
- Cooking With Stella
- Sex And The City 2
- Cop Out
- Suck
- Gunless
- A Nightmare On Elm Street
- Marmaduke
- Nice Guy Johnny
- Robin Hood
- Repo Men
- Shutter Island
- The Wolfman
- The Runaways
- The Final Storm
Hear Dan explain his choices
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