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Fishing Lake Debate

The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority has a new plan to control the flooding around Fishing Lake with berms and a drainage channel.  Garth hears from people in the community and from the authority. 

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Technology to help students learn

We often cover stories about how the web, social media, texting and video games have a negative effect on students and learning.

But these same technologies are behind a project at one Saskatoon elementary school that has garnered international attention for helping students learn.

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Victim, offender meet face to face after terrible crime

When the man who attacked her, and murdered two of her children, wanted a chance to meet face to face with Debbie Warsing years later, Warsing almost said no.  But now, Debbie is a proponent of the Victim Offender Mediation Program.  Hear her incredible story.  Plus, hear from David Gustafson, the man who helped facilitate the meeting. 


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