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The "Best of Blueprint Alberta: H2O"

We looked into Alberta's water supply. Our three main focusses were quantity, quality and use. Are we going to have enough? Is it clean and safe? And how do we use or abuse it?

In week one, we visit Stettler, Alberta...a town still recovering from the drought of 2002. We look into the provincial moratorium on water licences...and we'll also do a water taste test.

Download Blueprint Alberta: H2O Episode 1 [mp3 file: runs 37:54]

Edmonton is getting high marks for it's water quality, but is the source of that water in danger? Reporter Gareth Hampshire takes us to Peace River. Residents there are worried about how oil sands development will affect their water supply in the future. Albertans love to golf! How is our recreation affecting water supplies. And reporter Erin Collins will look at farm irrigation. Is that sustainable?

Download Blueprint Alberta: H2O Episode 2 [mp3 file: runs 38:00]

We've been looking at Alberta's water supply...and our stewardship of it. Are we running out? This week, we look at the water guzzler in your home and it's not the toilet. We'll look at water as a commodity and how it might be traded in the future. And we'll wrap up the series looking at what we all can do to conserve water.

Download Blueprint Alberta: H2O Episode 3 [mp3 file: runs 43:58]

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I agree with former premier Peter Lougheed that water is more important than oil. With agriculture using 70% of the surface water, we need to develop a policy that will decrease this usage over a reasonable period of time.

Ron Esch, Calgary

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The Best of Blueprint Alberta: H20 - Episode 1

The Best of Blueprint Alberta: H20 - Episode 2

The Best of Blueprint Alberta: H20 - Episode 3


Alberta’s first hydro-power generator, a 280-horsepower water wheel, was built on the Bow River in Calgary in 1893.

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